Our Values

Ashdale Secondary College is inclusive of the local community and is open for all students, irrespective of social background or economic circumstances.  

As a public school we are committed to contributing to Western Australia as a socially cohesive, safe, democratically stable and reconciled society. Accordingly, we are committed to the values that we believe are essential in achieving the best possible outcomes for our students.

We are guided by four core values in everything we do.  In stating these values, we acknowledge that words alone are not sufficient: it is actions, based on these values, that are important.


At Ashdale Secondary College we have a positive approach to learning and encourage it in others: we advance student learning based on our belief that all students have the capacity to learn.


At Ashdale Secondary College we have high expectations of our students and ourselves.  We set standards of excellence and strive to achieve them.  The standards and expectations challenge all of us to give of our best. 


At Ashdale Secondary College we recognise the differing needs and circumstances of our students and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for all.  We strive to create workplaces and learning environments that are free of discrimination, abuse or exploitation. 


At Ashdale Secondary College we treat all individuals with care. Our relationships are based on trust, mutual respect and the acceptance of responsibility. We recognise the value of working in partnership with parents/carers and the wider community in providing a quality education for all of our students.

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