Communication with families

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Communication with families

Communication between school and home is vital to ensuring your child gets the most out of their time at school. Parents/guardians can talk to our staff at any time and we welcome your comments, whether positive or negative. Most importantly, we will always listen to you and will aim to help you if we possibly can. A full list of teachers’ email contacts is provided to parents on the contact tab of our College website.

There are a number of ways we will keep in contact with you:

1.    Teacher Meetings
Teacher meetings are held in Term One, following the distribution of interim reports, and again in Term Three after the completion of Semester One work has been reported on. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and collaboratively develop goals for your child. We encourage you to make appointments with teachers throughout the year if you wish to discuss any issues or concerns.

2.    Connect
Connect is an excellent way to communicate with your child’s teacher, allowing a direct link to email. Connect allows parents/students to download learning support materials and tasks to be completed. It also provides a means to track student progress with tests and assignments. If you would like to register for Connect, contact the Administration Office for details.

3.    Student Reports
Formal reporting takes place twice per year at the end of Terms Two and Four.

4.    College Newsletters
The Ashdale Download newsletter is issued by email twice per term and is also available on the website. The Download contains information about educational activities and events, student and staff achievements, excursions, visitors to the College, P&C updates and other relevant College information.

5.    Website
Information and important dates are regularly updated on our website. You are also able to access a variety of links, eg. uniform ordering, absence reporting, forms, program brochures and newsletters.

6.    SMS
At times, the College may send SMS messages to parents to convey vital information or reminders. The SMS system is also utilised to advise parents of unexplained Lates and Absences from the College.

7.    Facebook
Search Ashdale Secondary College on Facebook and ‘Like’ us to keep up to date with current events and information.