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At Ashdale SC, we have an exceptionally well-resourced Student Services Team, consisting of two Year Coordinators and a Program Coordinator per year group. All members of the Student Services Team are located in the one central location, Block 6, this is in the heart of the school. Student Services has an open door policy for students, enabling students to approach their Year Coordinators or the Program Coordinator whenever they require. The Student Services Team offers a comprehensive service to all students, parents and carers. This is managed in a very professional, caring and sensitive manner. The Team focuses on attendance, behaviour, physical and emotional well-being, pastoral care and successful academic and non-academic outcomes. Everything that takes place at Ashdale Secondary College is made possible thanks to the high level of support that our staff provide to our students on a daily basis.

Pastoral care focuses on the social and emotional well-being of your child. It is at the core of all our teaching and extra-curricular programs. When students are happy, their opportunities for learning increase and their performance improves. The pastoral care programs provided at the College teach the skills to prevent mental illness, support learning and cultivate well-being. Students are taught these skills over the six years that they are at the College, the programs are decided by the Student Services team based on the needs of the cohort and as the students develop and their abilities to comprehend grow. Approaches to mental health and a child’s academic education are most effective when students, parents and the school community are all taught the same common core of abilities and skills, as such opportunities to learn the skills taught through these programs are also available to parents and staff.

The College Engagement Policy helps teachers build student well-being as part of their daily teaching practice in every classroom, ensuring a truly integrated approach to well-being in education. Ashdale Secondary College students are very well behaved. The Behaviour Engagement Policy is well defined and well supported by Head of Learning Areas, the Student Services Team and the Executive Team. All students, parents/carers and staff clearly understand the policy. The school demands high standards of behaviour (both in and out of the classroom), high rates of attendance and we encourage all students to work to the best of their ability, in order to Achieve a Positive Future.

Our approach to student well-being at Ashdale is one that focuses on prevention and early intervention. To ensure mental health concerns are responded to effectively and promptly, the Student Services staff are trained in youth mental health first aid, Gatekeeper and the College has a group trained psychologists or counsellors referred to as the Specialist Care Team available to provide individual support.

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