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What is Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)?

PBS focuses on creating systems with school staff to promote students to take responsibility for their behavioural choices. PBS is a custom designed process and each school tailors the systems to fit their needs and expectations.

What are the PBS systems?

  • School Wide Systems (for all students) Specific Setting Systems (hallways, lunch area, toilets, ovals, etc.)
  • Classroom Systems (keep classroom and building systems consistent)
  • Individual Systems (supporting high risk students with individual plans)

What must staff do to make PBS successful in their school?

  • The staff need to act together to set common expectations, not just for learning, but for the behaviours that support learning.
  • Staff must come to common agreements to promote consistency in managing student behaviour, teaching students the desired behaviours
  • Track discipline issues in the student management decision-making process.

What do PBS Schools use to promote expected student behaviour?

PBS schools use school-wide and classroom positive reinforcement to promote expected student behaviour and teach behavioural expectations, like academic skills.

Ashdale Secondary College has a house-point system that links to the College Good Standing Policy. If students have achieved a certain amount of house-points that will be invited to participate in reward excursions eg. Movies, ice skating, school ball, dinner dance. There is also a Junior School Auction run every semester where students can use their house-points to win prizes of their choice.

What do schools use to guide their systems?

Schools use data-based information to guide intervention and management of systems.