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2018 enrolments at Ashdale Secondary College are open!

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Student Wellbeing

Research reveals that for every 1000 students, 250 suffer depression, 120 have initiated self harm and 12 have contemplated suicide, unfortunately out of this number only one in four will inform an adult. This generation of adolescents has adopted electronic social language with their mode of communication being centered on Facebook, SMS and electronic social networks. Based on this evidence, adolescents would rather examine their situation online rather than face to face. Students are encouraged to seek support that is also available within the College from Student Services ie: Year Coordinators, Youth Worker, College Psychologist, Community Health Nurse and College staff.

Updating Medical Information

It is imperative that parents notify the College if there is a change in your child’s medical circumstances. By keeping the College informed we can then develop a medical plan and implement strategies to support your child whilst on campus. Informing staff of your child’s medical condition and having a streamlined response to a medical emergency can sometimes be the difference between life and death. If there has been a change can parents please contact the Front Office on 9302 7100.


In this world of social media and transfer of electronic communication, the College is aware that cyberbullying may occur. The College is vigilant on any bullying that occurs within the school and will act upon any situations that arise. To access our detailed ICT, Computer Technology and Internet Appropriate Use Policy along with other College policies please our Policies page on this website.

Bike Safety

A great way for students to exercise daily is to ride their bikes to school. This form of exercise is supported by health professionals because people of all ages and physical abilities can participate. A non-negotiable of bike riding is the wearing of helmets. In fact it is stipulated by law that wearing of helmets is compulsory whilst riding bikes. Unfortunately a number of our students have not been wearing their helmets whilst riding. Can parents ensure that students wear a helmet whilst riding their bikes to school. Apart from being law it is about safety and the fact that a helmet may save lives in case of an accident. The College will be policing the wearing of helmets. Students will not be allowed to ride their bikes home if they are not wearing a helmet. Parents will be required to come to school with a helmet. To avoid this scenario parents ensure that your child abides by the Road Safety Act.