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In years 7 to 10 the Health and Physical Education at Ashdale Secondary College focuses on the development of a healthy active lifestyle for all students. The learning and teaching program allow students to learn and achieve the essential knowledge, attitudes and values and skills in an interrelated manner to enable them to be positive participants within their community and a positive contributor to their own health and well being.


Through Health students develop their knowledge and understandings of key concepts, students are informed and take a critical perspective on health and physical activity issues within family, school, community and work settings. They also examine the interpersonal skills of negotiation, assertiveness, conflict resolution collaboration, cooperation and leadership in family, school, work cultural pursuits and social situations.

Physical Education

With the development of skills, students are able to participate competently and confidently in physical activities such as games, sports, gymnastics, adventure pursuits and other active recreation. In Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 there will be a focus on developing the skills, tactics and strategies of Netball for girls and Soccer for boys, providing the opportunity for students to become competent participants, coaches and referees. The remaining units that form the learning and teaching program ensure that in each year that students have the opportunity to experience and develop skills in invasion, striking/fielding and Net/Wall sports.

Year 10

As an option in Year 10, students have the opportunity to select Specialised Sport, Physical Recreation or Certificate I in Sport, Fitness and Recreation.

Physical Recreation

This course focuses on providing students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding around all facets of human movement, containing both theory and practical components. The theory will provide students with the foundation understanding of physiological, psychological, and biomechanical principles in physical activities. The practical will be based on building the skills, tactics and strategy with several specific sports, with aim of developing each individual into a competent performer.

Specialised Sport

This course is aimed at providing students with the experience of participating in a range of recreational activities offered in the community and are not typically offered through the general Physical Education program. The purpose is to allow students to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding, so that they have enough confidence to engage in these recreational activities during their school years and beyond. A wide range of recreational activities will be covered with the majority off the school site at alternative venues. The activities may vary depending on availability but may include, Ten Pin Bowling, Golf, Pool/Snooker, Lawn Bowls and Squash, Underwater Hockey, Indoor Beach Volleyball.

Certificate I in Sport and Recreation

This course offers entry level units into the Sport, Recreation and Fitness Industries. Students will gain theoretical and logistical skills and knowledge in the areas of organising games or competitions. Students will engage in both individual and collaborative projects at school in a simulated environment and/or community involving the coordination of an event for a particular group or occasion. Student will participate in a variety of sports and performance activities to enable them to complete the required competencies.