Years 7-10 Home Economics

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Year 7 Home Economics (compulsory course)

Students complete a semester of studies in Textiles. They will learn basic hand-sewing skills in addition to machine-sewing. Students will design and produce a number of personalised projects.

Year 8 Home Economics (compulsory course)

Students will investigate the basis of a healthy, daily diet by producing and sharing snacks and meals that are in-keeping with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

Year 9 Home Economics (students can choose from the following)

Food: Students will develop food that is delicious and nutritious. Working in groups they design and share healthy snacks and family meals.

Textiles: Students will build on the skills developed in Year 7 to design and create clothing and craft items. They will be introduced to pattern reading.

Year 10 Home Economics (students can choose from the following)

Childcare: This course provides students with an introduction into child development and how to care for children. They will look closely at positive play environments and the requirements needed to work with children.

Community Services: Students will investigate a broad range of services offered to community members in times of need and crisis. They will be introduced to the skills needed work in these support industries.

Food: Students immerse themselves in a range of cultures and cooking techniques from around the world. They will regularly make delicious meals to share within their Food class.

Hospitality Studies: This course is designed to develop an awareness of a career in food production and hospitality with emphasis on acquiring skills and gaining knowledge in the workplace.

Textiles: Students will have an introduction to the fashion and textiles industry. They will design and produce their own garments and textiles items.