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In the Humanities & Social Sciences (HASS) learning area, students develop the skills that allow them to understand how their own and different societies operate.  HASS involves the study of history, economics, geography, politics and law. HASS involves investigating, communicating and participating in the collection, analysis and the interpretation of information that is relevant to the formation of active citizenship.

The HASS Learning Area takes a major responsibility for the development of active citizenship in an Australian context. Students should be able to use the skills that they learn in HASS to communicate in a variety of contexts and forms the following key aspects of Australian society:

  • Australian history (prehistoric, colonial and modern);
  • Australian law and politics (local, state and federal);
  • Australian geography (landforms, regions, climate and natural forces);
  • Australian society (population, structures, institutions and relationships);
  • Australian economics (trade, industry and development); and
  • Australia’s relationship with other nations (past societies, neighbouring nations and international organisations.

The organisation of HASS courses of study in lower school aims to facilitate the ability of students to continue and concentrate their studies on one or more of these aspects in upper school at ATAR or non-ATAR level.


Investigation, Communication and Participation

Research skills (planning research, conducting research, processing and translating information, communicating and applying findings)


Place & Space




(Economics & Geography)





Time, Continuity

& Change



Natural & Social


(Geography, Politics, Law

and Economics)

Active Citizenship

By acquiring an understanding of the above students will be able to make informed decisions regarding our society and environment and become

active citizens.