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Year 12s Last Day - Breakfast & Assembly

Year 12s are expected to attend school every day until Friday 20 October. Their time in the Colle...
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Year 12 Graduation Evening

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Tudor School Uniforms are Moving!

Tudor School Uniforms are relocating their premises from Monday 2 October 2017. Tudor’s new sh...
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Music involves the organisation of sound and silence in structures that have deep meaning for participants and listeners. Consequently, music has a universal place in every culture across the globe and throughout history. Studying music provides the basis for a lifetime of further participation, which contributes to the musical culture of the future.

Students engage with music through movement, both in responding to its rhythms in dance and physical sensation, and by making movements that allow them to produce music on a wide variety of instruments, including the voice. Students engage in music on their own, or in groups, both large and small. Therefore, the social dimension to music is inseparable from its function in culture. Music is processed through aural discrimination, memory and emotional response, all of which interact with each other and with physical processes as a means of perceiving, learning and performing.

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