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In the Visual Arts course, students engage in traditional, modern and contemporary media and techniques within the broad areas of art forms. The course promotes innovative practice. Students are encouraged to explore and represent their ideas and gain an awareness of the role that artists and designers play in reflecting, challenging and shaping societal values. Students are encouraged to appreciate the work of other artists and engage in their own art practice. Curriculum Council 2011.

Year 8

All students in Year 8 undertake Visual Arts for one term as a taster and runs for two periods a week.

Students will become familiar with a range of studio areas such as drawing, painting (acrylics and watercolours), ceramics, textiles and printmaking. They will engage in art appreciation by being introduced to the work of specific artists, art styles and cultures which they will use as inspiration for their own works.

Year 9

Visual Arts is an elective in Year 9 and runs two periods a week for the whole year.

Students will develop artworks based on experiences of the self and observations of their immediate environment. Within the Art studio students will experience art making in textiles, painting, sculpture, graphic design, and printmaking. Research of artists and styles of art is undertaken to expand student knowledge of skills and techniques.

Year 10

Visual Arts is an elective in Year 10 and runs three periods a week for the whole year.

Students will learn how to apply new analytical, drawing, production skills and techniques in the communication of their own ideas and artworks. Students are encouraged to experiment with media and work in an independent manner. Within the Art studio students will experience art making in painting, printmaking, ceramic sculpture, textiles, and graphic design. Formal art appreciation technique is learnt and applied to the study of Modern Art.

Year 11 Visual Art Course Units 1A/1B

Stage 1 in Year 11 is followed by Stage 2 in Year 12 and is appropriate for students who intend to follow a vocational pathway or plan to continue their studies at TAFE. Stage 2 in Year 11 followed by Stage 3 in Year 12 is appropriate for students using Visual Arts for university entry after Year 12. This option is more challenging than the first pathway.

Stage One:

  • Focus for Unit 1A: Experiences
  • Focus for Unit 1B: Explorations

Course Content

The course content is divided into two content areas:

  • Art Making – the practical application of skills to develop various forms of artworks.
  • Art Interpretation – the theoretical application of skills to analyse and understand various artworks and visual artists.